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Sinker Cypress, Ipe Decking, Cumaru, Exotic wood pricing. Lumber Locators proudly specializes in premium grade Sinker Cypress, Ipe Wood, and Cumaru decking. Not only do we guarantee the highest quality Ipe wood, we also offer premium lengths from 8′ to 22′! Ipe and Cumaru are used for siding, decking, and flooring.【Get Price】

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Since wood is a organic product, you want to make sure you provide the proper spacing, drying, and ventilation for your Cumaru wood. We want to make our business relationship and your Cumaru decking are built to be long lasting.【Get Price】

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Cumaru is also known as Brazilian Teak, or Golden Teak. Cumaru is a naturally durable Brazilian timber with durability similar to IPE. It has a consistent golden brown color and a comparable cost to similar hardwoods, and clear grade softwood.【Get Price】

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What is Cumaru Wood? Cumaru, also known as Brazilian Teak or Golden Teak, is a naturally durable Brazilian timber with a density similar to Ipe.Its consistent golden brown color and moderate cost make it an attractive alternate to more expensive hardwoods such as Teak or Ipe.【Get Price】

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Premium Hardwood Decking - Beauty | Performance |Value. We can supply and ship to Canada from our Beaverton warehouse. Our premium hardwood decking products such as Batu Decking, Ipe Decking and Cumaru Decking are available for direct shipment to Canada from Beaverton.【Get Price】

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Cumaru is a very hard, dense South American hardwood known for exterior decking and interior hardwood flooring, where it is typically referred to as Brazilian Teak, Golden Teak or Southern Chestnut.【Get Price】

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However, the wood contains silica and will have a moderate blunting effect on tool cutters. Due to its high oil content and density, Cumaru can present difficulties in gluing, and pre-boring is necessary when screwing or nailing the wood. Odor: Cumaru has a faint, vanilla or cinnamon-like odor when being worked.【Get Price】

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Available in six handsome colors, these durable and low-maintenance exterior claddings from the Netherlands provide the warm look of wood without the maintenace requirements required with natural wood siding. Because no prefinishing or re-finishing is required, this architectural cladding option is very popular for light commercial and high end residential projects where quality, beauty and low maintenance are desired.【Get Price】 - The Contractors Source for Hardwood and Ipe

We offer Ipe wood, Garapa wood, Massaranduba wood, and Cumaru wood for you to use in your next outdoor project. Ipe Decking is a extremely popular solution for creating a beautiful and long lasting decking.【Get Price】

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Cumaru usually is inexpensive for an import wood. Cumaru, like Jatoba, is a great value as a low-cost lumber with excellent strength and hardness.【Get Price】

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For Western U.S. Decking, please call Steve Getsiv at 503-473-2878. We take great pride in the quality of our products and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with us.【Get Price】

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Our hardwood decking distributors generally stock many of our wood deck products including Batu 1x4, Batu 1x6, Batu 5/4x4 and Batu 5/4x6. Ipe 1x4, Ipe 1x6, Ipe 5/4x4 and Ipe 5/4x6. and Cumaru 1x4, Cumaru 1x6 and Cumaru 5/4x6.【Get Price】

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Cumaru Decking is extremely low maintenance and perfect for use in any outdoor application. Ideal for decks, porches, or sunrooms, choosing Cumaru decking is a solid and reliable choice. Check out Cumaru's specifications and photos to see what it offers in durability and looks.【Get Price】

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Buy Screws and Hidden Deck Fastener Fixings in Canada from DeckWise. Canadian Hardwood Decking Clips, rainscreen fasteners, tools. Ipe Oil Wood Deck Finish.【Get Price】

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Posts Tagged ‘cumaru decking in canada’.decking products such as Ipe,Cumaru and Tigerwood from the company who is the Canadian Dealer for Advantage Lumber. Canada Hardwood Ipe Decking - Advantage Trim And Lumber【Get Price】

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Buy Cumaru Decking for Your Canada Home Cumaru decking is one of the most beautiful and strongest hardwoods you can buy. With its golden tan to reddish brown color palette and a Janka rating of 3540, a Cumaru deck will last for decades.【Get Price】

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Our Cumaru decking prices are low regardless of the profile you need, be it pre-grooved, T&G, or shiplap siding. Our customers typically save 30-40% when compared to the cost of ipe or composite decking .【Get Price】