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RDI composite floor decks are available in 1-1/2, 2 and 3 inch deep fluted profiles to.from mill coated steel conforming to ASTM A653, zinc coating class G60.【Get Price】

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Section 07 60 00: Flashing and Sheet Metal.Steel Deck Institute (SDI)-Metal floor deck profiles shall be in conformance with ANSI/SDI standard C1.0 ''Standard for.B-36 [22], [20], [18], [16] gauge, 1 1/2 inches deep by 36 inches wide.【Get Price】

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2.0'' Composite Floor Deck. Available Gauges: 22, 20, 18, 16. Cover Width(s): 24'', 36''. Available Finishes: Galvanized - G60, Galvanized - G90, Other Finishes 【Get Price】

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Floor-Ceiling Assemblies with Composite Deck ..60, 61. Maximum,Test was conducted with 1.5 inches of 1.65 pcf fiberglass insulation on 3 inch EPS Plaza 【Get Price】

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deck products. From the standard 1½” to 3” roof and composite floor deck, to concrete form deck, to long spanning deep,Meets SDI 3x12 inch standard profile requirements. Longer,galvanized coating is G60 (0.6 ounce per square foot).【Get Price】

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Composite floor decks have embossments that grip the concrete slab and they are typically reinforced with rebar or wire mesh.Galvanized G-60 zinc coated steel is the standard in the deck industry.3 Inch Comp Cellular Acoustical Deck.【Get Price】

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was expanded to include composite floor deck, deep roof deck,coating class G30, G60, G90.inch for single thickness equal to or greater than 12 gage.【Get Price】

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with sheet steel roof and floor deck. This guide.roof deck and composite floor deck. Roof Deck.history of over 60 years, which is indicative of the.Table 2 - Metallic Coating Thicknesses. Design Base. Steel Thickness inches. 0.105. 0.075.【Get Price】

The effects of concrete strength on steel-deck-reinforced slabs

locking between the deck and the concrete is termed as a composite steel- . there was an increase of 17.7%, while for the specimens with the 60-inch.【Get Price】

ComFlor® manual Composite floor decking design and technical

Introduction. 6. Span parameters. 8. ComFlor® 46. 14. ComFlor® 51+. 20. ComFlor® 60. 26. ComFlor® 80. 32. ComFlor® 100. 36. ComFlor® 210. 40. ComFlor® 【Get Price】

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A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply provides 3 Composite Floor Deck, 3 Composite Floor Decking, 3 Floor Decking, 3 Floor Deck, Metal Deck, Metal.3 Inch Comp NEW.【Get Price】

A Practical Design for Thin Composite Steel-Concrete Floor Systems

The concrete thickness over the steel deck is between 2½ inches to 4½ inches,The steel girder built-up section and the steel-concrete composite slab form a very,Concrete and steel deck = 40 psf; Total dead load = (40 + 15 + 5) = 60 psf【Get Price】


3 inches. All reinforcing steel shall be epoxy coated, Grade 60 ksi.be considered in the structural design of the deck slab or as part of the composite section.【Get Price】

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SDI Position Statement “Use of Composite Steel Floor Deck in Parking. Garages.”.the contract drawings: “Composite slab shall consist of 1-1/2 inch deep G-60.【Get Price】

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Deck profiles are available in a variety of finishes and can be used in a wide range of.Versa-Floor™ is a long-span composite floor system that blends steel's speed and.Accessories are furnished with G60 galvanized coating as minimum.【Get Price】

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Composite Steel Floor Deck-Slabs” in conformance with the 2015 IBC. SDI C-2011 Standard.Coating designation G60 is the standard galvanized material of the deck industry. Coating,Economical 2-inch-deep and long spanning.【Get Price】

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This Standard for Composite Steel Floor Deck-Slabs, hereafter referred to as the,on the contract drawings: “Composite slab shall consist of 2 inch deep G-60.【Get Price】

Composite Slabs and Beams using Steel Decking: Best Practice for

Composite slabs consist of profiled steel decking with an in-situ reinforced . The traditional shallow decking profiles are between 45 to 60 mm high, with a.【Get Price】

The Fire Resistance of Composite Floors with Steel Decking (2nd

recommandations est inch dans cette 2e kdition.A252 mesh. SURFACE TEMP. (OC). I TEST. AFTER. l h. 73. 70. 95. 60. 110. 90. 85. 66.A composite steel deck floor is designed in bending as either a series of simply supported spans or.【Get Price】

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The shear-bond strength of composite deck slabs was increased by. 8% to 33%,For the 60-inch (1.52-m) shear spans, Groups I and IV, the increase was 7.7% 【Get Price】