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Ask the Authority: Porch Floorboards. Figure A.When your house was built, the original porch flooring was likely milled from a rot-resistant, old growth species such as longleaf heart pine or cypress.When I have to replace floorboards, I use the best quality exterior grade tongue and groove lumber I can find. In the Northeast, where I 【Get Price】

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This floor is going to see some abuse, it's a porch after all. Deck sealer or finishes that build a thin film like tung oil will look nice for a while but you will have to really keep after it. Once a thin film finish starts to fail I would be concerned about the fir throwing splinters. Spar varnish is tough and will seal quite well against the elements. My favorite thin film wood finish for outdoor use is a thing I call Forest Service Mix.【Get Price】

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Most any paint you use will wear off and shoe the underlaying color in heavy traffic areas. We bought porch-and-floor paint at big lots of all places for about half of what the big stores wanted. We thinned it with a good paint thinner so it would soak into the wood and act like a primer.【Get Price】

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Latex on a porch floor? Not me. go with the layered approach or tongue and groove, no glue. Use a bead of a flexible, paintable sealant like Lexel in the T&Gs to seal the joint..most of the porch flooring here in the south is SYP and that works well, it is a tite joint.【Get Price】

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the best stain for pine tongue and groove porch flooring. How to Stain a Wood Porch Floor | eHowThe stain that you put on wood porch floor can remain durable for many years if applied , in the air will determine when it is the best time to stain a wood porch floor. , replaced on the front porch with tongue-and-groove Southern yellow pine.【Get Price】

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hi there, I'd like to repaint the deck of my wood porch. the old paint job is dry, peeling, dirty, etc. the porch is made from tongue-and-groove planks.【Get Price】

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Install the last piece. Tilt the trimmed piece and slide its tongue all the way into the groove of the old decking. Gently tap the groov side into place until it rests on top of the adjacent tongue. Drive the siding nails vertically, down through the face of the new piece and in line with the joist-location marks.【Get Price】

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Painting an exterior porch floor. Painting an exterior porch floor (post #61224) pizza on.IMO the best deck finishing product is Sikkens Rubbol DEK if you want to stain it.putting a wood permanizer on, then a layer of exterior/stain blocking Kilz, and finally the paint. For the old tongue in groove porch floors, how far ''down'' do you 【Get Price】

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Currently, the deck has tongue and groove hardwood strip that is painted. I want to replace this with the same type tongue and groove hardwood flooring, probably red or white oak. The porch is 【Get Price】

best paint varnish to use on tongue and groove wood exterior

Tongue and Groove :: Painting, decorating and home improvement. Mar 24, 2014 Depending on the type of wood and the finish you require will depend on staining etc should all be painted in the following way for best results. you need to use an exterior paint, such as a varnish, stain, gloss or satin.【Get Price】

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Hi Scott: We are installing a 5 1/2 inch pine tongue and groove ceiling on the exterior porch of our home. The ceiling is covered and protected by the roof. Would love to use a finish that gives the ceiling protection and some charachter.【Get Price】